Sleeve remover VEM
Decrowner Decapper Capper Special


On aluminium roll-on caps with pilferproof band BVS 30×60 a sleeve remains on the bottle neck after opening the cap. With the sleeve remover these sleeves are removed.

The innovation is the short cutting of the sleeves from below before these are pushed over the bottle shoulder and hereby torn open

Our machines to remove sleeves

An environmentally and resource friendly filling is absolutely necessary against the background of the actual climate change.

With our machines surprising prospects establish for the reuse of glass and the disposal of waste of aluminium and plastic foil. Already today our machine offer innovative and award-winning solutions for the protection of our environment, without abandon important marketing concepts:

  • Removing of bottleneck foils – FOREC 97
  • Removing of Falta caps – FKE 950
  • Removing of bottle sleeves – FAB 06
  • Removing of sleeves – VEM

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Applications & References

The sleeve-remover from RINK or a custom-made product could also optimize your processes.
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Several Maschinetypes


Machines to open and empty bottles as well cans in crates for higher speed.


Machines to open and empty bottles as well cans on a bottle conveyor.


opens and regenerates deformed PET-bottles in crates.