Container emptier EV940
Decrowner Decapper Capper Special


Set your priorities on future-oriented solutions for opening and emptying of glass and PET bottles or cans. Depending on the package an emptier can be combined with a corresponding opening unit (decapping, decrowning).

This type of machine is used, if underfilled, mislabled or other discharged bottles or cans must be emptied hygienically. By special emptying valves the liquid is pressed with overpressure out of the bottles or cans and is discharged via a collecting pipe.

RINK GmbH & Co. KG offers you solutions for the emptying in crates or on a bottle belt.

EV 940: Open and Empty on the bottle conveyor

This system is a combination of a single decrowner /single decapper and emptier. The processing bottles are running over a single-lane conveyor into the machine. Here they are devided by a worm, decrowned via a special decrowning wheel or decapped under a decapping unit and afterwards emptied in an emptying unit.

This type of machine can also be prepared for the processing of cans.

Applications & References

The container emptier from RINK or a custom-made product could also optimize your processes.
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Several Maschinetypes


Machines to open and empty bottles as well cans in crates for higher speed.


opens and regenerates deformed PET-bottles in crates.


removes neck sleeves from bottles.