Decrowner Decapper Capper Special


We have been developing machines for the beverage industry for 50 years. In three generations, RINK as a family business has been and is led by engineers who have accumulated a wealth of experience in more than 1,000 machines designed, assembled and sold worldwide. For this reason, our customers have always approached us with very special problems.

In one case, we were asked to develop a solution for deformed returnable PET bottles, in another case a machine for the hygienic emptying of bottles and cans. With the introduction of the BVS closure, an economical system for the removal of the neck sleeve remaining after opening was required for the refilling.

In all cases, it was our job to find an innovative and reliable solution for our customers. Sometimes we even won prizes, like e.g. the innovation prize of the German wine association for our sleeve remover. RINK´s special machine range covers the following fields:


null Crate emptier VEK920
null Container emptier EV940
null Sleeve remover VEM
null Regenerator KM690RE


Machines to open and empty bottles as well cans in crates for higher speed.


Machines to open and empty bottles as well cans on a bottle conveyor.


The neck-sleeve remover removes neck sleeves from bottles.


The regenerating machine opens and regenerates deformed PET-bottles in crates.