Decrowner Decapper Capper Special


In 1967, when crown corks were still removed by hand, company’s founder Wilhelm RINK thought that this activity could be performed more efficiently by machine. This is how the company RINK was founded and the crate decrowner established. Many years later, Jochen Bäcker, who had taken over the company with his wife Ursula Bäcker, the daughter of the founder, came up with the idea of removing the cork by a rotary movement, similar to a hand opener.

In 1995, the first machine was commissioned successfully. This concept makes it possible to decrown up to 4,500 crates per hour. A performance that has given the company RINK the title „world market leader in removing crown corks“ in 2012. To date, more than 200 machines of this type are successfully in use worldwide.

In the following years, the rotating concept has been applied also to the decrowning of bottles on the bottle conveyor, so that today three different types of machines are available on the market for the removal of crown corks:


null Crate decrowner KM670
null Rotation decrowner RK940
null Single bottle decrowner EN940


decrowns crown corks of glass- and PET-bottles clocked in crates.


decrowns crown corks from glass- or PET-bottles in crates by a continuous turning drum.


decrowns crown corks from glass- or PET bottles on a bottle conveyor.