Regenerator KM690RE
Decrowner Decapper Capper Special


High performance of filling lines requires e.g. high-quality bottle material. PET bottles are – compared to glass bottles – often deformed as returns. These deformed bottles do not stand steady on the bottle conveyors, which often leads to fall over of bottles and is associated with dysfunctions in the production process. Here RINK has found a special solution to this problem and developed the decapping and regenerating machine KM690 RE for PET bottles.

In the first work process the screw caps are removed from the PET bottles. In the second works process the compressed air and a defined quantity of water will be injected into the bottle. The air cares for the former shape of the bottle, whereat the water cares for a deeper balance point of the bottle. The un-deformed and steady standing bottles guarantee a trouble-free bottle transport and a high efficiency of the filling line.

Regenerating with mandril

As an alternative for the decapping and regenerating machine RINK offers a solution, where the bottle caps are driven through with a mandril and afterwards the regeneration with air is carried out via the mandril.


Applications & References

The regenerator from RINK or a custom-made product could also optimize your processes.
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Several Maschinetypes


Machines to open and empty bottles as well cans in crates for higher speed.


Machines to open and empty bottles as well cans on a bottle conveyor.


removes neck sleeves from bottles.