1-head-capper VS-1
Decrowner Decapper Capper Special


Bottle shapecylindrical and shaped bottles
Bottle height / diameter from 120 mm up to 400 mm
Cap types all marketable caps of 28x15, 28x44, 30x60, 31,5x18, etc. (also with spout), VINO-LOK, STELVIN-LUX, ZORK
Integration easy to integrate into an existing conveyor, no own conveyor drive
Capping1,6 rotations in lowest working point as requested by cap manufacturers
Capping head top-quality capping head, 2 threaded rolls/ 2 flanged rolls; No cap – no contact (safety plunger)
Format change over height easy adjustable by reference bottle on bottle plate, easy format parts, bottleneck star is adjusted with upper part
Performance up to 3.000 bottles /h
Sorter mechanical feeder with air support
Specialities mechanical coupled electrical drive for capping- and stroke movements, bottleneck guiding mounted onto upper part, hygienic design with drive from above
Options CO2 injection, feeding with elevator, air filter, electrical height adjustment

Applications & References

The 1-head-capper from RINK or a custom-made product could also optimize your processes.
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Several Maschinetypes


Semiautomatic capping machines for alu roll-on caps


Multi-head capping machines with 3-8 heads