Decrowner Decapper Capper Special


With the introduction of the one-way deposit in 2003, the returnable system and also the typical RINK customers came under pressure. Meanwhile the third generation with Dr. Michael Bäcker was successfully active in the family-run company. Together with his father, Jochen Bäcker, he decided to broaden the market and to include the capping technology into the product range.

The first capping machines were sold in 2006. The goal was to find new clients and not only to establish as a specialist for opening, but also for capping bottles in the market. In the meantime, the company has more than 10 years of experience in capping technology and is a successful supplier of the following machine types:


null Semi-automatic capper H1
null 1-head capper VS-1
null Multihead capper VRA


In addition to new machines, we also carry out retrofitting and modernizations of existing lines, focusing on the capping heads as well as the cap feeding (sorter, capping chute and -transfer as well as cap elevator).


Semiautomatic capping machines for alu roll-on caps


1-head capper for roll-on caps as well as special caps


Multi-head capping machines with 3-8 heads